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Kuwait Coronavirus Update April 20

As per Kuwait Newz updates, the Ministry of Health Kuwait announced today on Monday, the Kuwait Coronavirus Update of April 20, 2020. According to the latest update 62 patients have recovered while 80 new cases are reported in the last 24 hours. On the other hand, 2 more deaths are reported and 39 patients are in ICU. The total reported new cases are 80. Out of 80 new cases, the reason for 72 cases is in-contact coronavirus patients. Cases due to other reasons are 8 only.

72 In-contact Cases

Detail of In-contact cases is as under:

  • 1 case of Kuwaiti national
  • 47 cases of Indian residents
  • 3 cases of Bangladeshi residents
  • 5 cases of Egyptian residents
  • 3 cases each of Nepali, Pakistani and Palestinian residents.
  • 2 cases of Filipino residents
  • 1 case each of N.K, Spanish, Portuguese, Syrian and Moroccan residents.

Other cases 8

  • 6 cases of Kuwaiti nationals.
  • 1 case of Egyptian resident.
  • 1 case of Syrian resident.

ICU (last 24 hours)

  • 26 cases critical.
  • 13 cases stable.
  • 2 deaths and 7 cases transferred to ICU.
  • 4 cases transferred to the ward.

Kuwait Coronavirus Update of April 20, 2020 is better than yesterday’s state as compared to 164 cases only 80 new cases are reported. But 2 deaths are so sad. The number of patients in ICU also increases. On the other hand recovery of 62 patients is also very good news. If we analyze the overall situation then we can predict the coming good days in Kuwait. Govt of Kuwait has left no stone unturned, they have done their best against Coronavirus. Now it is our duty to stay home and extend our full cooperation in the fight against Coronavirus.

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