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Kuwait Coronavirus Updates May 24, 2020

Ministry of Health Kuwait announced today on Sunday, the Kuwait Coronavirus Updates of May 24, 2020. According to the Ministry of Health, the latest update is as under:

  • New cases reported (last 24-hours): 838
  • Cases reported till Date: 21,302
  • Deaths (last 24-hours): 8
  • Total Deaths so far: 156
  • Recovered Patients (last 24-hours): 370
  • Patients recovered so far: 6,117
  • Active Cases: 15,029
  • Total Patients in ICU: 177
  • Total Test conducted: +271,089

Kuwait Coronavirus Updates May 24 Details

The detail of new coronavirus cases in the last 24-hours is as below:

In-contact Cases (838)

Following new coronavirus cases are reported due to being in-contact with coronavirus patients:

  • 134 cases of Kuwaiti nationals.
  • 260 cases of Indian residents.
  • 125 cases of Egyptian residents.
  • 86 cases of Bangladeshi residents.
  • 233 cases of other nationalities.

Area-wise Coronavirus Cases

Health Areas

  • 355 cases in Farwaniya.
  • 176 cases in Ahmadi.
  • 120 cases in Hawally.
  • 96 cases in Jahra.
  • 91 cases in Al-Asimah.

Residential Areas

  • 124 cases in Farwaniya.
  • 77 cases in Jaleeb.
  • 74 cases in Khaitan.
  • 44 cases in Hawally.

Review of Today’s Report

Kuwait Coronavirus Updates of May 24, 2020, is a little bit better in terms of new cases and deaths. Today we have 838 new cases as compared to yesterday’s 900 new cases. There are 8 deaths today whereas yesterday there were 10 deaths. The number of ICU cases are decreased from 192 to 177.

For a consecutive third day, number of new cases is decreasing, that is a good sign. Today is the day of Eid. Almost whole the world is celebrating the Eid within their homes. Coronavirus is still not under control. We all should try to continue the same spirit in our prayers as we were having in Ramazan. Keep on praying to God for you, your family, Kuwait, and for whole the world.



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