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Coronavirus Cure Possible with Artificial Plasma?

Kuwait started Coronavirus Cure with Plasma?

Kuwait started producing artificial plasma for Coronavirus cure. Director of KCBB transfusion Division Dr. Reem Al-Radhwan announced this on Wednesday. The aim of this process is to assist the treatment of patients affected by Coronavirus. The process entails collecting plasma from donors who were formerly COVID-19 patients. Then transfusing it into the blood of patients to strengthen their system, she said during a statement to KUNA. As per standards of the WHO and American Association of Blood Banks; ” the plasma donation from former patients should start soon after the top of their home quarantine”.

What is Artificial Plasma?

When any patient recovered from any disease he has strong antibodies generated by the immunity system floating in their plasma. The plasma is a liquid component of blood. To convert that into a medicine, the scientists harvest the plasma and then test it for safety and after that purify it to isolate finally achieved protective antibodies. When injected into a patient, the “plasma-derived therapy” – also referred to as convalescent plasma – provides “passive immunity” until the patient’s system starts generating its own antibodies.

When an individual gets a disease, his body starts producing antibodies to face down the new enemy. In the respiratory illness, COVID-19, a former patient keeps a high level of antibodies three weeks after the recovery. After that the antibodies start taking a downward slant towards the traditional level. Therefore, the plasma generating process requires setting a time schedule for every donor. A recovered person can help treat three patients. The KCBB Headquarters in AI-Jabriya Area is conducting plasma donation.

Hopefully, this would be very good news for all the people living in Kuwait that Kuwait produces artificial plasma and now the treatment of patients will become so easy and Coronavirus patients’ recovery rate will accelerate soon. Kuwait has played its role in the fight against Coronations and Kuwait is the only country that is on the front line.

Final Words for Coronavirus Cure in Kuwait

Even though new cases of Coronavirus are still being reported in Kuwait but we hope a significant reduction in them in the near future. All the steps taken by the government are highly commendable and people should contribute to save them from coronavirus. Now it is on the people that how they abide by the rules communicated by the government to control the spread of coronavirus in the country.

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