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Kuwait Police arrested six expats

The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry told the media that Kuwait Police arrested six expats who caused riots. Ministry will take legal measures against them, and deport them out of the country.

On Wednesday, the spokesperson of the ministry said in a statement. They received a complaint from a representative of a personal company. Rep stated that a gaggle of workers gathered. He was delivering their salaries when the assaulted him.

Action by Kuwait Police

When rescue patrol immediately moved to the situation of the incident. Upon its arrival, one among the company’s workers assaulted the cruiser. As a result the patrol commander fired a precautionary caliber within the air to disperse the gathering.

The ministry stressed that they have carried out an investigation. They will find the rest of the involved workers. Authorities will seize the guilty workers and will treat them as per law. Kuwait Police is investigating arrested expats for getting further information.

My View on the News

Kuwait police are the most efficient police among the police of all the Gulf countries. They do not forgive the culprit. On the other hand, they are very polite to every responsible person. This is the reason why the implementation of law and order in Kuwait is exploratory. What do you think about this? Please leave your comments.

Source: KUNA

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