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Kuwait Driving License Renewal Status Online Inquiry

Nowadays having your own vehicle and driving license is essential for everyone. You can not depend on public or private transport totally. All over the world, getting a driving license as an expatriate is a difficult task. But in Gulf countries, it becomes the most difficult job. Especially getting an MOI Kuwait driving license is one of the toughest jobs for expatriates. For all types of driving licenses in Kuwait visit the website of the General Department of Traffic, Kuwait.

Getting New (Learner’s) MOI Driving License in Kuwait

As a matter of fact. the first step in getting a driving license is to obtain a learning driving license and start learning driving. In Kuwait, rules for getting a learner’s MOI Kuwait license are different for different categories.

Steps to Follow and Requirements

1. Fill in and print the application form for a driving license.
2. First wait for the approval of the application, then get the medical fitness certificate form signed.
3. After the completion of medical examination and determination of blood group type, the licenses department will issue a driving (learning) education permit.
4. Visit the Ministry of Interior website and set an appointment for the test.
5. Whet you will pass the theoretical and practical tests, the procedures for getting a driving license will be completed in the department
6. A copy of the Kuwait civil ID.
7. A copy of the passport.
8. Two photographs of 4×6 with a blue background.

Learning License Fee and other Requirements

The education (learning) form and fee will be charged according to the type of license and its expiry date. The original work permit and a copy of it along with signature approval (for expatriates workers in companies and institutions). Security card along with a request for forensic evidence for expatriates.

The original civil ID card of the sponsor for servants (Article 20) and attested by his country’s embassy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Legal residency for two years, or according to Ministerial Resolution No. 1729 of 2005. All the driving licenses issued to expatriates will be valid for the period of validity of residence in the country. The fee for the learner’s driving license is KD 10.

Basic Requirements

Basic requirements a person must know before applying for the license:
1. Valid residence of at least two years.
2. Photocopy of passport and personal information.
3. A certificate of a university degree.
4. Should have a KD 600 monthly salary and a copy of payslip.
5. The blood test result of the lab.
6. Eye test certificate.
7. 4 colored photos.
8. 15kD fee.

You should take the following steps for applying for the license:

1. Visit the traffic department and submit the documents.
2. Should fill the application form.
3. Cleared Medical check-ups.
4. Pay the fee.

Traffic Department Branches in Kuwait

For obtaining a driving license you can visit your nearest Traffic Department Branch. Following are the Traffic department branches in Kuwait:
1. Hawally Governorate Traffic Department
2. Capital Governorate Traffic Department
3. Farwaniya Governorate Traffic Department
4. Ahmadi Governorate Traffic Department
5. Jahra Governorate Traffic Department
6. Mubarak Al Kabeer Governorate Traffic Department

After getting the license you should take some driving reminders:

1. Have legally registered vehicles.
2. All drivers should have a driving license with them.
3. Must wear a seat belt.
4. Be aware of the speed limit.
5. Should follow the traffic lights.
6. Do not drive after drink.
7. You can call the emergency hotline (999) or (199) traffic police in case of an accident.

Validity of the MOI Kuwait License:

i. For Kuwaitis, the license is valid for 15 years.
ii. In the case of residents in Kuwait, license validity is 10 years.
iii. It is valid as per the residence period for domestic workers.
iv. A motorbike driving license is valid for 5 years.
v. The private driver’s license ​is valid for driving up to 10 passengers.
vi. The public license is valid to drive all types of vehicles and trucks and has a validity of 3 years.

In case of damaged and lost Driving License:

You should apply for a replacement within 10 days to the General Transport Department in case of a damaged or lost driving license.
The following documents required for a replacement:

a. Applicant’s passport and its copy.
b. Proof of fee deposit.
c. Blood Group Certificate.
d. Signatures of the Sponsor’s residence.

A replacement will be issued to you after paying the fee and confirming the validity. If a lost license is found, it should be delivered to the department.

Is Driving without a License an Offense?

Driving without a license is indeed an offense. The newest announcement by the inside Ministry in July 2019 affirmed that there’s no leniency in applying the executive deportation order for any expatriate who drives a car without a license. Therefore, to take care of the security of road users in Kuwait, any expatriate caught driving a vehicle without a license is going to be deported from the country.

MOI Kuwait Driving License Rule for Housewives

The Traffic Department of Kuwait has announced in March 2019. The driving licenses are going to be issued only to housewives with children if they’re on a dependent visa. Their husbands earn a salary of a minimum of KD 600 and above, with designations like Advisors, General Managers, Doctors, Pharmacist, and members of universities and institutions. The newest ministerial decision also says that engineers are not exempted from the profession. Hence, wives of engineers do not have eligibility for a license supported designation.

E-driving License System:

Recently the Ministry of Interior (MoI ) in Kuwait has adopted the e-driving license system and installed 100 traffic cameras and 20 digital direction boards, supporting the state-of-the-art technology, so as to serve surveillance and follow-up on roads and intersections. This new system is probably going to assist users login to the egate, open an account and pay traffic fines and renew driver’s license online by filling in an electronic form.

Kuwait Department of Traffic E-Services

Kuwait Ministry of the interior driving license department also offers e-services for all the persons who own a Kuwaiti driving license. For using these e-services you have to create an account on their website.



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