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Huge Rush in Meat Markets After Curfew Hours

‘Poultry Demand is not high’
For the 3rd day in a row, the huge rush in meat markets is witnessed in cooperative societies and the parallel markets at the end of curfew hours. The popular meat markets in Shuwaikh, Mubarakiya, and other regions have provided the citizens and residents with enough quantities of meat to cover the starting few days of Ramadan.

During a tour of the markets, it is revealed that prices of meats are increased, while the latest purchases are focused on whole bodies and cutting them as desired by the customer.

Most customers prefer slaughtered sheep of up to 15 kg. The market is indicating a significant rise in the prices of Arab and Naim sheep. The price of the whole slaughtered sheep exceeded 105 KD. Some customers have objected to the price of Arab breed for more than 4.500 per kg.

They highlighted that the shops would tell them it’s Naimi but how could they know the quality of the meat? How will they identify, whether it’s Naimi, Shivali, or other similar Arab breeds? They urged the Ministry of Commerce to put specific seals on the sheep types to avoid price overrun.

Customer demand was clear for meat and vegetables at the Mubarakiya Market, while the abundance of meat there was of mixed type. While in Shuwaikh the focus was on selling the Arab breed.

Owners of the shops revealed that they have started home delivery services to avoid losses. One more purpose of home delivery is to save customers from trouble of huge rush in meat markets. Meanwhile, the demand for live poultry was not very high unlike the meat market.

Source: Arab Times



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