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MoCI Kuwait Online Shopping Appointment Website

Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), Kuwait Online Shopping appointment website has been launched. The service is in its trial stage to enable everyone to book appointments to shop at coops in their area. The shopping will be done at specific dates and times. The web page allows shopping from slaughterhouses, fish markets, cooperative societies, catering branches, and central markets.

In the trial stage, the web page is available to the public to view the system and test the various features. After taking feedback from the public, the official launch of the system is expected within a few days.

How to Use MoCI Kuwait Online Shopping Web Site

To use the web page for shopping, the customer has to visit the website of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The web address of the web page is available HERE.

Procedure to get Appointment

At the startup screen, customer has to enter the following information:

  • Civil ID number.
  • A serial number of Civil ID (written at the backside of Civil ID, exactly in the center).
  • Cell number and
  • Email address
kuwait online shopping

After writing the Civil ID number and serial number, the name and region of the customer automatically appear on the screen. After that customer will select the shopping interface. In case the exact address of the customer is not available on Civil ID then the pop-up screen with “Excuse me” message will appear. Customer will enter an automatic Building number (رقم المبنی) after selecting the shopping place. The automatic building number (رقم المبنی) is available beside the main entrance of every flat or house. Just go to the main entrance of your residence, you will find that 8 digits number.

kuwait online shopping

Reason for Creating the Web Page

The few reasons for creating the online shopping web page are:

  • To facilitate the people of Kuwait during the current lock-down due to Coronavirus.
  • To avoid the spreading of Coronavirus.
  • An important step towards the modernization of institutions.
  • Consequently, to increase the sale of cooperative societies, catering branches, and central markets
  • To facilitate the public in case of full curfew.

Kuwait Full Curfew

Is there any chance in Kuwait of full curfew? Yes, there is a chance of full curfew but Govt of Kuwait is not going for full curfew so far just to save people from difficulties. However, Govt is taking many steps to stop the spread of corona in Kuwait and trying its best to avoid Kuwait full curfew. But if the number of daily new corona Kuwait cases keeps on increasing then Govt has to think seriously about full curfew. What are your opinion, would you like to share your views?

Important Message

Please note down the reference number immediately after booking an appointment, because you will not be able to go shopping without a valid reference number. It is better to take a screenshot of the final screen.

Moreover, there is no cancellation or amendment without a reference number. Hence, without the reference number you will waste your time.



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