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Indians in Kuwait and Corona Virus

From 29 March, the Ministry of Health, Kuwait started mentioning the nationalities of Coronavirus affected people. If we see the record carefully then it is quite shocking that Indians in Kuwait, is the most affected community. If we start counting from 29 March, 2020, then out of 999 Coronavirus cases 668 cases were of Indians.

Indians in Kuwait vs Total affected People

indians in Kuwait table
Daily update of Corona Cases in Kuwait

From the above table, it is pertinent to note that 67% of the cases belong to Indians. On the other hand if we look at the population of expatriates in Kuwait. The population of in Kuwait is estimated as follows:

  • Indians : 825,000
  • Egyptians : 517,973
  • Filipinos : 185,788
  • Bangladeshis : 181,265
  • Syrians : 140,000
  • Sri Lankans : 130,000
  • Pakistanis : 126,000
  • Ethiopians : 74,000
  • Nepalis : 62,000
  • Iranians : 50,000
  • Lebanese : 42,000
  • Iraqis : 16,000
  • Afghans : 15,000
  • Americans : 13,000 (30,000 including armed forces)
  • Yemen : 11,000
  • Jordanian and Palestinian : 10,000
  • Indonesians: 8,887

Population of Indians in Kuwait

We can see in the above data that Indians in Kuwait are on the top as far as the population of expatriates is concerned. But still, the Indian population is 19.4% of the total population of Kuwait that is Indians are 0.825 M out of 4.25 M. Now the question is why there is a big difference between % of population and % of Corona cases for Indians in Kuwait?

Reason behind more Indian Cases

Indians represent the largest community, many of whom work in business and service fields. A lot of Indians are getting high salaries and living in Kuwait with their families since long. But still there is a large population of Indians who are low salaried. These low salaried workers or laborers, live in small flats. Due to their low salaries, they rent out small flats and live there in the groups. Their groups are not as small as compared to the room size.

Now suppose, if 8 people are living in a room and one person gets infected by the Coronavirus then what will happen? Of course all the eight people will become 8 active corona cases. This is what is happening with Indians workers in Kuwait so far.

I think we should not blame those workers or laborers who are infected by Coronavirus due to their poor living standards. Because they are working day and night just to earn a little money for the survival of their families. Rather we should help them economically and morally. This was my analysis, I may be right or I may be wrong. What do you people think? please comment!



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