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Mobile Phone Sales Down by 70%

The mobile phone sales are down by 70% in the first quarter of the current year, due to Coronavirus. The rate of sale in most of the companies in Kuwait has fallen by up to 70%. The sales are down in the telecommunications sector that depends on the import of goods from various countries, particularly China. The CEO of Future Communications Company Salah Al- Awadi told this to Arab Times.

Logistical Problems

Although China has announced to open its factories to resume production and export operations. There are many logistical problems facing the local companies such as operations related to shipping, booking appointments with the factories, delivery related processes and closure of the sales outlets for different companies and stores.

Companies will suffer greater losses if the period of closure extends. Also, consumer choices have changed dramatically in recent times as many of them have turned to purchasing priorities particularly food and sanitary items such as sterilizers, cleaning tools and masks.

Al-Awadi highlighted that many stores have decided to switch to online sales recently and sought to buy and develop their own electronic platforms. This is the most important lesson they learned from this crisis, especially as it has become the only means that has proven its worth and continuity in light of the crisis.

Latest Project by Future Company

Employees of Future Communications Company are currently working on remote work features. They are trying to develop an electronic platform in anticipation of recurring crises in the future. In fact, the Company is developing its own electronic platform for sale. The company is trying to add many advantages to it to make it more advanced.

Why are Mobile Phone Sales Down?

Since people are staying at home due to Coronavirus, therefore, buying a new mobile phone is not a preference of the majority now. Moreover almost all businessmen are private-sector employees who are facing difficult times due to the closure of their businesses. Govt employees are a bit relax as they are still getting their salaries, even if they are staying at home.

If we look at the majority of the mobile phone buyers then they are from businessmen and private-sector employees. Since they are in trouble now due to lockdown conditions, therefore, sales of almost everything except food items are down. Please share your views in the comments box below.

Source : Arab Times



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