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Ladies’s hydrotherapy unit, scientific turning level in Kuwait

KUWAIT: The swimming pool within the rehabilitation and hydrotherapy unit for girls. — KUNA footage

KUWAIT: The rehabilitation and hydrotherapy unit for girls, situated inside the Bodily Drugs and Rehabilitation Sanatorium, is regarded as a state of the art undertaking and turning level for scientific services and products in Kuwait. The construction is regarded as the primary medical institution in Kuwait for day-to-day care to provide sufferers complete care from speech treatment to physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy. It additionally comprises one of the most biggest hydrotherapy swimming pools within the nation.

Sanatorium Director Dr Saleh Al-Shaijy stated the day past that the construction is a pivotal step against improving well being services and products equipped by way of Ministry of Well being, particularly for sufferers of orthopedic or neurological sicknesses. Dr Shaijy defined that hydrotherapy, or using water as remedy, is helping alleviate ache in sufferers affected by orthopedic or neurological stipulations from both persistent sicknesses or injuries and accidents.

Dr Al-Shaijy illustrated that hydrotherapy eases muscle stress, will increase flexibility and betters stamina, blood move in addition to psychological well being. Along with hydrotherapy, the medical institution’s director clarified that the construction additionally properties a corridor fitted with specialised apparatus for nerves and bones. It additionally comprises specialised clinics for pregnant ladies, and aged other people.

In the meantime, head of the physiotherapy division for girls inside the medical institution Dr Nafeesa Kamal affirmed stated that box of bodily treatment in Kuwait is witnessing nice development because it makes use of newest applied sciences and global remedy tactics. She additionally went on to provide an explanation for that hydrotherapy is likely one of the tactics used by physiotherapy, and it takes other bureaucracy and other temperatures, citing that alternating between cold and warm water is helping reduce an infection and stimulate blood move. Dr Kamal added that advantages of hydrotherapy come with reducing sensitivity to ache, decreasing muscle stress, easing joint motion in addition to expanding staying power and physically stability. — KUNA



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