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Kuwaiti physician treats aortic aneurysm with out adverse dye

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti physician has succeeded in carrying out the primary operation to regard an belly aortic aneurysm (AAA) thru catheterization the use of interior ultrasound as an alternative of intravenous dye that can reason headaches for some sufferers. Dr Abdullah Fawaz, a vascular and normal surgeon at Mubarak Al-Kabeer Sanatorium, stated on Sunday that the 80-year-old affected person had suffered from aortic aneurysm and belly bleeding.

A demonstration of aortic aneurysm.

The affected person may just neither bear typical catheterization nor making use of the dye that may be adverse to his kidneys, thus the best possibility rested with using the ultrasound to inspect inside of the arteries. This method used to be implemented for the primary time in Kuwait for treating deformities and therapeutic arteries.

The sonar tool.

Dr Fawaz stated he had effectively carried out the operation a number of instances in america, nevertheless it used to be the primary time he would carry out it in Kuwait, including that the operation, carried out at Mubarak Sanatorium, had lasted for 2 hours and the affected person recovered handiest in at some point with out affected by any headaches.

The interior ultrasound methodology could be very correct and is choice to the use of the intravenous dye that may be damaging to folks with kidney issues. The physician has defined that the AAA situation develops because of a bulge or swelling in internal a part of the aorta, the primary blood vessel that runs from the guts down in the course of the chest and tummy. The affected person would possibly not really feel anything else at get started of the situation but if it worsens, it will reason painful interior bleeding or demise. – KUNA



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