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French embassy responds to visa-related rumors

Via Majd Othman

KUWAIT: The French Embassy to Kuwait held a press convention on Wednesday to reply to a number of rumors connected to a few facets of the supply of French visas in Kuwait. Ambassador of France to Kuwait Claire Le Flécher mentioned that the rumors might conflate a number of separate even though attached parts, a part of which can be factual knowledge, whilst others are unchecked and malevolent suppositions.

The ambassador discussed that the rumors come with fraudulent backdoor channels that factor sooner visa appointments, in spite of there being present certainly restricted channels for particular classes of people that have justifications for buying a visa consistent with a sooner process. However those channels are completely clear and devoid of any component of hidden worth. “Their life would possibly create some confusion between authentic fast-track procedures and unlawful ones,” she mentioned.

She added, “Unlawful practices or over the top invoicing of visa-linked services and products do exist. They are able to most effective be attributed to non-public intermediaries (go back and forth companies) employed by means of vacationers with none intervention from the embassy, which doesn’t workout keep an eye on over their task. Along with that, the digital machine of reserving appointment is dependable and conscientiously designed to stop fraud. Significantly, visa appointments are to be made bringing up a passport quantity, which can’t be changed afterwards.”

The ambassador discussed, “One factual component we now have been absolutely acutely aware of is the strangely top ranges of visa programs, that have exceeded the capacities and entailed longer than same old extend of appointments within the visa heart.” She added, “We took all to be had measures to restrict the affect of those delays. Then again, on account of capability limits, we weren’t ready to get rid of them altogether and it could be so till the tip of the summer season duration.” Clarifying, “The vacationers had been reminded that visa programs will also be implemented a number of months forward of the time of go back and forth. Then again, many programs have nonetheless been implemented fairly in recent years, inside not up to a month ahead of the travelling date.”

The ambassador discussed that with a purpose to confront delays in visa problems, “the consular segment on the embassy has mobilized its capacities to the entire, with the intention to build up the collection of programs treated by means of licensed brokers of the embassy, whilst the day-to-day charge of programs has long past up from 200 to 300 an afternoon, and from April to June the collection of treated programs has higher from 3,000 to six,000 a month. As a complete in 3 months from April to June, 13,000 programs had been processed as when put next with 2,400 within the corresponding duration of 2021.”

The ambassador reminded that there are some classes of visa candidates who’re absolutely exempted of reserving an appointment and will pass at once to the visa heart, like holders of diplomatic passports; army team of workers in legitimate challenge; other people travelling for clinical causes with a certificates; scholars; in addition to spouses and youngsters of French electorate. They will have to subsequently particularly no longer pay any fee-based non-public services and products to get an appointment.

In regards to the visa appointments factor, the ambassador mentioned, “The embassy has determined to take measures with a purpose to save you pretend appointments made by means of unauthorized companies. Henceforth, prepayment of a visa appointment should be made on the time of reserving it electronically, with a purpose to validate it. A extend of 48 hours was once till now to be had to make the prepayment, whilst cancelled appointments will, as from now, no longer lead to speedy and automated opening of latest appointment slots the usage of the freed capability.”

“It sort of feels imaginable that intermediaries have abused this by means of developing a while prematurely fictitious appointments, after which cancelling them with the intention to reuse them straight away for a traveler with a overdue visa utility. Freed slots might be reopened most effective later, at a no longer predictable time with the intention to thwart this abusive observe,” she defined.

“New slots will henceforth be opened over a duration of six months, with the intention to incentivize a most collection of vacationers to introduce their visa programs as early as conceivable. As of now, appointment taking has been opened till the tip of 2022,” she identified.



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