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Website to facilitate citizens repatriation launched

Announcement of Website to Facilitate Citizens

On Thursday, the Kuwait government has launched an internet site for citizens abroad. The website will be used by citizens wishing to return back to Kuwait. The website will register citizens information to facilitate citizens repatriation. Hence, it will make the job of health authorities in Kuwait easy in receiving them.

Since the website will allow citizens abroad to register them for coming back. Therefore citizens have to provide their information on the website. As a result, the Govt will facilitate them in repatriation. This platform will allow government departments to take appropriate decisions regarding the repatriation.

Address of Website to facilitate Citizens

The address of website to facilitate citizens is as follows:

The aim is to possess one database for all citizens, so that, the planner may take suitable decisions. It will provide the database which can facilitate their admission into health facilities. Government spokesman said that all citizens abroad, wishing to return, would be repatriated through the website. Hence, for every citizen who wants to come back, it is a must to get registered on the website.

This is an important step towards facilitating the work of health authorities. Therefore health authorities will receive the nationals upon their return, as they will be fully prepared to receive the incoming citizens.

How Website will Facilitate Citizens?

When Kuwaiti citizens abroad will put up their data into the given website. The govt of Kuwait and the health department, both, will come to know about the exact number of citizens wishing to come back, on a specific day. So, it will become very easy to manage their arrival. Govt and the health department will make necessary arrangements according to incoming citizens.

Kuwait : A True Welfare State

The state of Kuwait is a true welfare state. Govt of Kuwait is doing a lot for its citizens. In the whole world of 195 countries, the state of Kuwait is unique. It is the only Govt taking care of its citizen just like a mother cares for her children. Kuwait is the only country where expats are highly facilitated. They feel better than in their own countries.

Source: Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)

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