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No right to fire employees


Many workers have lost their jobs since the country went on a coronavirus lockdown. Kuwait imposed a partial curfew and closed its borders, airports and businesses. Also suspended schools, many people faced unfair actions. Mohammad Al-Jasem is a lawyer and an Interpol-accredited expert in international law enforcement cooperation. Many employers have terminated their workers due to the current situation. Jasem said an employer has no right to fire his employees according to article 41 of the labor law. The law affirms that the employer cannot terminate the services of a worker without notice. Otherwise he must offer compensation in recognition of his loss.

Unless the worker has committed a mistake that resulted in a large loss for the employer. If violated the contract, the employer cannot just fire the worker. If the employer terminated the worker for no obvious reason. The employee shall be entitled to end-of-service benefits and compensation for the material and moral damages suffered.

Regarding some cases where employers forced some employees to sign a paper giving up their financial rights. Jasem said that the employer does not have the right to do so and it is legally void. In many labor cases, this has been considered. The verdict was in favor of the employee despite the existence of such a paper. Likewise, the employer does not have the right to cut or suspend salaries. Employers have to pay wages in full throughout the period of suspension. As long as the employer wishes to continue working with the employee. This is according to article 61 of the labor law.


Hence every employee should be satisfied in these days as Kuwait law supports them and their jobs. The employer has no right to fire them due to coronavirus. They should remain calm and satisfy and in case of any mishappening, they should launch a complaint at a suitable forum. Govt of Kuwait is fair enough for every citizen and resident. The Govt authorities will take strict action against any employer who will fire employees due to the current epidemic. What do you think, please reply with your valuable comments?

Source: Kuwait Times

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Corona Virus Latest Update

Donald Trump News : Very painful week ahead


WASHINGTON, April 8 (Kuwait News Web Desk) US President Donald Trump has given news forecast that this week and maybe the next week will be a very painful week for the United States.

A spike is expected in daily fatalities due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Even during this painful week, we can observe glimmers a very, very strong hope. This week may be a very painful week and next week or at least part of next week and maybe all of it. Trump told reporters at a news conference on Tuesday.

He underlined that every citizen has a role to play in this ruthless war against the killer bug. This is a monster we are fighting with but signs show that our strategy is totally working, he said.

He revealed that the United States has performed 1.87 million Coronavirus tests to date. We now have 10 drugs in active trials with fifteen more soon to follow. We also have two vaccine candidates in active clinical trials. We will do all the best efforts to secure the needed medical supplies. To bring more production of essential medicines back to our shores, Trump vowed.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s tally of cases, there are at least 387,547 cases of Coronavirus in the country and at least 12,291 people have died. On Tuesday, there are at least 19,351 new cases and 1.305 more deaths.

Is Donald Trump News forecast correct?

The time will decide whether Donald Trump news forecast is correct or wrong. But it seems to be true. What do you people say?

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Corona Virus Latest Update