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Kuwait Coronavirus Updates April 27

Ministry of Health Kuwait announced today on Monday, the Kuwait Coronavirus Updates of April 27, 2020. According to the Ministry of Health, the latest update is as under:

  • New cases reported (last 24-hours): 213
  • Deaths (24-hours): 02
  • Recovered (last 24-hours): 206
  • Patients shifted to ICU (last 24-hours): 05
  • Cases reported till Date: 3288
  • Patients recovered so far: 1012
  • Total Deaths so far: 22
  • Active Cases: 2254
  • Total Patients in ICU: 64

Kuwait Coronavirus Updates April 27 Details

The detail of new coronavirus cases in the last 24-hours is as below:

Cases Related to Travel (31)

Detail of new coronavirus cases due to travel is given below:

  • 24 cases of Kuwaiti nationals related to travel to the United Kingdom.
  • 4 cases of Kuwaiti nationals related to travel to Germany.
  • 1 case each of Kuwaiti nationals related to travel to Qatar, the U.S.A and K.S.A.

In-contact Cases (177)

Following new coronavirus cases are reported due to being in-contact with coronavirus patients:

  • 38 cases of Kuwaiti nationals.
  • 61 cases of Indian residents.
  • 13 cases of Bangladeshi residents.
  • 26 cases of Egyptian residents.
  • 5 cases of Pakistani residents.
  • 4 cases of each country: (Syria, Philippine, Iran, Sri Lanka).
  • 3 cases of each country: (Jordan, Lebanon).
  • 2 cases of each country: (N.K, Yemen, Nepal).
  • 1 case of each country: (K.S.A, Canada, Armenia, Turkey, Nigeria, Indonesia).

Other Cases (5)

5 cases of Kuwaiti nationals.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) State (64)

There are 64 patients in the ICU, of which state of patients is as under:

  • 30 cases are critical.
  • 34 cases are stable.

Death Cases (02):

01 Kuwaiti National, 53 years old and 01 Indian resident, 54 years old.

Review of Today’s Report

Kuwait Coronavirus Updates of April 27, 2020 is almost balanced because the number of new cases (213 new cases) and the number of recovered cases is almost the same. 206 more patients have recovered today that is excellent news, and there are two deaths in the last 24 hours. The number of ICU cases has increased from 61 to 64. The number of critical cases is decreased by 1. The total number of coronavirus patients has increased to 3288, from which 1012 have recovered and 2254 are undertreatment.

What are your thinking about today’s Kuwait coronavirus updates of April, 27? Do you think Kuwait will become 100% free of Coronavirus after Eid ul Fitr? Or Coronavirus will keep on hunting people till Eid ul Azha. Please don’t hesitate to give your feedback.



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